What it does.

Designed and developed in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Versoshield protects the user on several levels. As well as protecting the user from stray fragments hitting the face, the Versoshield also helps prevent moisture droplets carrying the virus from reaching the user and being absorbed through the mouth, nose, or eyes.

Who it’s for.

The Versoshield is high quality, durable, lightweight, and comfortable, offering a substantial number of independently proven forms of protection for the wearer. This means it can be used with confidence by individuals and workers in a wide range of environments including industrial and domestic use. It is also comfortable to wear when shopping, commuting and walking in crowded places, so you can help protect yourself and others in public environments. Lightweight comfort, suitable for long periods of use.

Why Versoshield?

More effective than face masks and regular face shields, the Versoshield is a higher specification product. Regular face shields are generally made for either medical, industrial PPE, or general purpose DIY use, different standards are required for each. The Versoshield has been designed specifically to protect against COVID19, it is a proven, and independently certified Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) product, which meets all the legally required safety standards for use in Industrial, Public and Medical environments. Furthermore, its materials contain anti-microbial additives to further protect the wearer against microbes on the surface.