What it does

Designed and developed specifically for those working in healthcare environments, to help protect healthcare workers, hospital staff and patients who may or may not be infected with the COVID-19 virus. Versoshield enables the wearer, colleagues and patients to be together in close proximity in as normal a way as possible. The product has an aesthetic design that has been specifically developed not to look intimidating, so that it can be accepted as a “the new short term normal”, without creating alarm to the patients. For specific clients, Versoshield could be customised and branded to fit with a client’s brand colour way and image.

Comfort for extended use

Versoshield has an adjustable head band that is designed to fit all adults, male or female. The headband has a wide design providing increased comfort during long periods of use. The screen is adjustable to enable the user to find the optimum position for their comfort and their working environment. The screen itself sits a specific distance from the face to enable both protection and comfort in use.